Jill's Testimonials

Below are a few excerpts from the many thank you letters I have received. I have the originals if you would like to see them, but I am sure you will realise that I cannot quote individuals names for privacy reasons...

Firstly, I would like to say how sad I am to be moving out of the area, because my partner and I believe Jill has been a rock for our son (child's name). He started coming to her at age 4 months and has grown in her care to be a loving sociable and confident little boy. I think this has a lot to do with the way she is around him and also the numerous outings she and the other childminders go to. (child's name) always has a lovely time and seems content when I pick him up. I know it will be hard for him in the coming few weeks, because he won't understand why he doesn't see Jill anymore. However we will keep in touch. I can't reiterate enough what an asset I think Jill will be to any family.

(child's name) has learned a lot of important skills through Jill's care, and is happy at the end of each day and always please when told he is going to see Jill. This has helped when leaving (child's name) to go to work knowing that he will be well cared for and enjoy his day. Jill has always been caring and listened to any problems concerning (child's name) and offered advise as well as carried out any specific instructions regarding (child's name)'s care. Jill would be my first point of contact should childcare be needed for (child's name) again in the future.

(child's name)
is 18 months old and has been going to Jill for the last 10 months. During this time he has been going to playgroups and children's play areas, trips to the beach and local attractions such as Upton Country Park. He has learned to mix with children of all ages which has helped (child's name) become a friendly, well socialised child.

(parents name) had my 17 months old son (child's name), in the care of Jill Rowland, and was very pleased with all the attention and the activities she did with him. She is a very tender and loving person and (child's name) was a very happy little boy in all the time that he was in her care.

Our daughter has been in Jill's care since October 2005 and latterly our 2nd daughter since May 07. Jill has become another member of the family. She has given the girls first class care, leaving us feel confident that they are loved as one of her own. The girls have an excellent balance of being stimulated through toddler groups, outings and lone time with Jill and quiet times where they are able to rest and play. It is with great sadness that we are losing Jill's services, but I do see this as an opportunity for another child to experience her loving, friendly, excellent care.

Dear Jill,
We are so going to miss you. Thank you for all you have done
(child's name) and (child's name) totally adore you. You really have been valued by us Jill, your kindness has always shone through with both the girls and myself. This is such a sad day. I really hope we all keep in contact.

To Jill,
Just to say thank you from all of us for looking after
(child's name) over the last few months. He has really enjoyed himself in your care and that means a lot to us! Many thanks again

To whom it may concern;
Mrs Rowland's care provided a structured approach to childcare, aligned to educational aspects. My son was regarded as a virtual member of her family whilst in her care. Mrs Rowland is a member of a group of child carers who reside in Poole, the group provides support for individual members as the need arises, thus providing a very reliable method of support. Mrs Rowland has provided a 'par excellence' service with care and compassion, and I would commend her services to any person requiring a kind, efficient and reliable child carer.

Dear Jill,
Please accept my thanks for the care you have extended to
(child's name), he has enjoyed every minute he has been with you and your family. Indeed, I think he considers you a second Mum. Also my Dad and I regard you as a reliable and firm friend. Please keep in touch, love and kind regards.

Dear Jill,
This is just a quick note to say a big thank you for the time you looked after
(child's name) for us. We were both so grateful for your care and flexibility, which reflected in (child's name)'s happiness and safety whilst she was under your care. I am certain that she will miss you and your family very much. Many thanks once again and best wishes for the future.

To Jill
Thank you so much for looking after
(child's name) so well. She's really enjoyed coming to you which has made it easier for me to leave her as I know she's been happy. Many thanks

To Jill
Thanks for all your help with
(child's name) over the years in your care. She will miss you but we will keep in touch., We will never forget the help you given.