Jill's Childcare - Policies

I have a open and honest relationship with all my parents and therefore find it is especially helpful to have a framework of guidelines laid down to explain to prospective parents they way I work with the children. I find that this lays some ground rules and helps parents understand my views and practices concerning child care.

These policies include:-
• Working in partnership with parents
• Confidentiality policy
• Safeguarding children policy
• Behaviour management policy
• Equality and inclusion policy
• Health and safety policy
• Children's sickness/exclusion policy
• Special educational needs policy
• Accident and Emergency Policy including Accident Record Forms
• Emergency Evacuation Procedure
• Fire policy
• Missing children policy and procedure
• Complaints Procedure
• Procedure if child not collected

Permission Forms
I also ask parents to sign forms authorising the following:-
Permission to use suntan lotion
Permission to go on outings / be transported in my vehicle
Permission to take photographs (copies always available to parents!
Permission to do observations on child to assist with learning goals
Medical emergencies / first-aid provision
Permission to give medication

In addition I check the children’s toys and equipment on a regular basis to make sure they are not broken, and are kept clean. Stair gates and safety plugs socket are checked every day and hazardous materials are kept in a locked cupboard in the kitchen.