Jill's Childcare - Our Activites

Indoor Activities

I encourage children to take part in a wide variety of activities and games. I have a comprehensive range of toys and equipment to suit all needs and ages including:-
• Jigsaws (for different ages and abilities)
• Dressing up clothes
• Lego / blocks
• Books for children of different ages and abilities
• Toy Cars
• Cooking / Food (I find the children love to get involved with some cooking!)
• Large and small animal toys
• Dolls
• Extensive Train set and track - the children really love these!
• Baby toys
• Threading
• Board games
• Painting, gluing, drawing, colouring (Left and right handed scissors available)
• Musical instruments
• Junk modelling
• Play dough

Click here to see a few examples of the things we have made!

Outdoor Activities

Outside we play with:-
• Slides
• Seesaws
• Bats and ball games
• Bikes - 3 wheels and pull along
• Sand pit
• Water-play

Places Visited

I like to offer children the chance to visit various 'child friendly' places so that they can be stimulated and educated (of course after I have conducted a professional risk assessment). The places we regularly visit include:-

Farmer Palmer's Farm Park
Community Centres
Local beaches
Forest walks
Moors Valley Country Park
Local swing parks
Other Childminder’s gardens
Upton Country Park
In fact anywhere, where the children can have FUN!

I check the children’s toys and equipment on a regular basis to make sure they are not broken, and are kept clean and hygenic. The children are encouraged to select toys for themselves and put them away when finished or wanting to move onto something new.

I find that by talking and playing with the children I can help them to learn and acquire a variety of skills, whilst of course having fun.

We learn about different people and cultures, letters, numbers and social skills such as sharing and taking turns with toys etc.

I ensure that all activities are adapted to suit every child's needs.